Welcome to Tell Kathleen Anything (TKA) 


Welcome to the Tell Kathleen Anything website. Tell Kathleen Anything is my coaching practice designed to support individuals and couples in achieving enhanced sexual wellbeing.


I use a holistic perspective and integrate many aspects of one’s self and environment in this work.  My work as a sexuality educator, along with my training in sexuality, social work and coaching provide me with the knowledge and skills to join you in a co-created relationship designed to maximize your sexual wellbeing and happiness. Whether you want to develop the aesthetic qualities involved in your sexual experiences, or to deepen a heart-level connection with a partner, I can support that work. I am eager to have a conversation with you to explore how we might respond to your unique situation.

~ Kathleen Baldwin




Email: Kathleen@TellKathleenAnything.com


Our sexuality is part of who we are throughout our lives. It impacts all aspects of who we are and how we are. We can co-create a coaching program for you to better understand, or enhance your sexual response, or to explore issues like emotional intimacy, or your ability to enjoy your body. Oftentimes just getting up to date information about sexuality makes a big difference in how we feel and behave, and it makes us more confident, a characteristic everyone agrees is sexy!


I believe that sexuality is……………..

messy and sweet and hard sometimes.

inherently good and expressed in diverse ways throughout life.

something everyone should have access to information about.

not something one should use as a weapon against another.

understood in the context of our culture and values.

rooted in human rights and social justice.

something we should celebrate and enjoy!

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